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Jobs for internationals in Groningen (hospitality experience required)

  • Tussen € 8,63 en € 13,39 per uur
  • Groningen
  • 0 tot 16 uren per week
  • Ongeschoold
  • Oproepkracht

In het kort

Welcome to Groningen! Are you looking for a parttime job in the area of Groningen? Then we might have the job for you. We offer flexible Hospitality jobs in the Groningen area. We will only schedule you based on your own avaiability. Apply now!

Jobs for internationals in Groningen (hospitality experience required) in Groningen

Over de functie

(Note: prior hospitality experience [waiter/waitress, bartender] is required)

Are you new to Groningen, or have you been living here for a while, and are you looking for a parttime Hospitality job? MF horeca is a job agency that offers flexible jobs in the Groningen area. 

If you apply online, we will reach out to you in (usually) 1 or 2 days. We'll have a little chat, and will schedule an appointment at our office in the city center of Groningen (we have great coffee and even better cappuccino). During the appointment we'd like to discuss the possibilities, and will also take your preferences (and possible dislikes) into account. If we both agree, then it's a done deal: welcome aboard with MF horeca!

Once you're a member of the MF Horeca-team, we will offer you shifts via our online scheduling app (you can download the app on your smartphone). The shifts are usually in the city of Groningen, or at most a short bus/train(/car) ride away. If you live in the city of Groningen and have to travel to a place outside of the city, your travel expences will be reimbursed.

We currently only accept people that have prior experience with working in the hospitality industry.

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Over het bedrijf

MF horeca is a hospitality job agency. Our office is based right in the city center of Groningen. We offer free hospitality basic trainings to our employees, which take place at our office as well. We even have our very own bar, located at the back of the office.
We've been the leading hospitality agency in the North of the Netherlands for over 15 years, going on 20. Currently, we're looking for more (international) staff for our flexible hospitality poule.

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Wat wij bieden

As mentioned previously, we offer flexible jobs mostly in the Groningen area. We will schedule you based on your availability, if your availability matches with the jobs our clients currently offer.
We will offer:

  • A very handy app that you can download on your phone, in which you can fill in your availability per week/day/hour
  • You can join all of our MF Horeca Academy hospitality courses, free of charge
  • Salary based on the Horeca CAO (or the collective labor agreement [CAO] of the client)
    • (If you are 21+ years or older this means a base wage of at least € 13,27)

Wat wij vragen

  • Because of Dutch labor law, we only hire people that are 18 years or older;
  • You live in the province of Groningen, Drenthe or Fryslân;
  • You're available to work at least 1 or 2 shifts per week (at least 1 day during the weekend)
  • You have experience in the hospitality industry as a waiter/waitress and/or bartender

Please make sure that you do have the following documents:

  • BSN number (we will need a copy of your letter BSN as well)
  • European ID (or: Work Permit that states 'TWV not required')
    • If you do not have a working permit, it may take up to 6 weeks before you can start working due to strict working permit laws. Also, if you're here on a student visa as a non-EU resident, you're not allowed to work more than 16 hours per week, and not allowed to work for any other employer than the one that applied for a working permit. Please do take all of this into consideration before applying.
  • European bank account (SEPA, BIC)
  • Dutch health insurance (note: you might be eligible for social benefits)

Meer informatie

We'd appriciate if you applied online via the "Solliciteren" button on the website of MF horeca (www.mfhoreca.nl). Do you still have some unanswered questions, please call +31503112244 and mention you have some questions regarding the 'International vacancy'.

Please note that we won't process any applications without a cv stating your prior hospitality experience, or a motivational letter that builds the fact that you have prior experience.

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